Behandeling Congenitale Hernia Diafragmatica krijgt doorontwikkeling

Het behandelprotocol voor pasgeboren kinderen met CHD is de verder uitgebreid met 6 aanbevelingen voor optimale behandeling van pasgeboren kinderen met Congenitale Hernia Diafragmatica. Ook is het aantal Europese CHD centra dat dit type behandelprotocol uitgebreid van 13 naar inmiddels 22 instellingen.

Lees hieronder de korte samenvatting in het engels of download het hele artikel hier Gestandaardiseerde behandeling CHD.

In 2010, the congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) EURO Consortium published a standardized neonatal treatment protocol. Five years later, the number of participating centers has been raised from 13 to 22. In this article the relevant literature is updated, and consensus has been reached between the members of the CDH EURO Consortium. Key updated recommendations are: (1) planned delivery after a gestational age of 39 weeks in a high-volume tertiary center; (2) neuromuscular blocking agents to be avoided during initial treatment in the delivery room; (3) adapt treatment to reach a preductal saturation of between 80 and 95% and postductal saturation >70%; (4) target PaCO2 to be between 50 and 70 mm Hg; (5) conventional mechanical ventilation to be the optimal initial ventilation strategy, and (6) intravenous sildenafil to be considered in CDH patients with severe pulmonary hypertension. This article represents the current opinion of all consortium members in Europe for the optimal neonatal treatment of CDH.

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